How Much Will I Get Paid?
Posted by Gary . on 16 December 2012 03:20 AM

The amount you are paid depends on several choices you make when you upload your book. Amazon has two main royalty levels and you should choose carefully when deciding which royalty percentage you want to receive. The two levels are 35% and 70%.

35% Royalty - This is available for all of your sales in all territories that Amazon Kindle books are available. The calculation is very simple - your receive 0.35 x Book Price. So, if you price your book at $5.99 you will receive 0.35 x 5.99 = $2.10 for each sale of your book.

70% Royalty - This is available in selected territories (see link below for full details). When you choose the 70% royalty option Amazon charges a digital delivery fee. For USA sales this is $0.15 per megabyte (MB). So, for a $5.99 book that has a file size of 2MB you would receive 0.70 * ($5.99 - $0.30) = $3.98. If your $5.99 book was much larger - 30MB for example - then you would receive 0.70 * ($5.99 - $4.50) = $1.04. In this case you actually make more money per book if you take the 35% royalty option.

For full pricing and territory details please see the Amazon Kindle pricing page.

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