If you're asking for a report to be written instead of a book, would it be best to get one writer to write all the reports which equal a book or do you get different writers to each write separate reports?
Posted by Gary . on 01 January 2013 05:51 AM

Preferably one writer for consistency. Yes I would prefer to use the same writer that was a good fit with what I was after. Writing styles change in tone and content and this could show.
You can easily prevent bad experiences when outsourcing your work by keeping these rules in mind:

We know that writing content is obviously a critically important part of the process.

If you find that you may want to get different authors involved you can consider sharing workrooms on outsourcing sites so that all of the writers are aware of what is happening with the total project. You would need to weigh up if this would be a good option for your project and really ask yourself the question “under what circumstance would I want to have different writers and why?’


If you can write a good brief and be really clear then ultimately there is nothing to stop you from doing this – you would just have to be on the ball to check for any disconnects in the writing.

  • Whatever you decide - Know what you want in the first place.  Give freelancers precise instructions.
  • Have standards for quality.
  • Hire only freelancers from English-speaking countries
  • Ask for a writing sample and read it aloud to make sure it sounds great
  • Do not accept generic ‘dear employer’ responses from companies replying to your ad
  • Break the book down into smaller articles, reports or projects to pay less
  • Ask for daily email progress reports
  • Make it clear this is a work-for-hire; retain all publishing and copy rights
  • Proof read and tweak the work when completed


Look for writers with the view of a long term partnership – you will work out who you can and can’t work with and remember they are people to. Be flexible within reason, as things happen in their life too.  If they do a good job consider giving them a bonus and if they don’t – do not pay but use the avenues available to lodge and resolve disputes.

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